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Experience your strength. Live unaddicted.

We empower people to experience their personal strengths and help them discover new ways to manage the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of addiction so they can live a better life. Addiction is a disease, but recovery is a lifestyle.

Our Approach

Our goal is to provide accessible, evidence-based care that is designed to address the individual needs of each and every patient and help improve how they think, feel, behave, and live. Through our strength assessment we help our patients identify their individual strengths as key elements to provide support in their recovery.

Learn About Our Approach

Personalized Treatment

Our assessment is the first step in any treatment plan. From there, we find the best possible path and set of services for each of our patients.

Take the First Step

Do you have questions about whether alcohol or drug rehab is right for you? Do you think your loved one could benefit from addiction treatment? Together we can find the best treatment plan for the person in need. Simply take the first step by giving us a call to schedule an assessment.


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