Making the Call

Shot of a young man stretching before a run in the city

Taking the first step can appear to be the most difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. If you or someone you love is feeling that substance use is negatively impacting their life in any way, then that first step is simple: just make the call to schedule an assessment.

Shot of a young man stretching before a run in the city

It can be difficult to know when you or someone you know is actually dealing with an addiction or substance use disorder. Addiction is a disease, yet the signs are not always clear. If you or someone you care about is using drugs or alcohol in a way that is negatively impacting their personality or interfering with their education,  career, or relationships, treatment can help them work towards a healthier life.

Getting an Assessment for Treatment

Our goal is not to label or lecture, but to simply connect you with a licensed and caring clinical expert that can evaluate your individual situation and ensure that we can provide the appropriate level of care as needed. An assessment helps determine what your needs are, what strengths you have to guide you through treatment, and any other health problems you may be facing, including co-occurring mental health conditions, that we may be able to address as part of  your personalized treatment plan.

We help identify the best treatment approach for each individual and provide the support that they and their family may need. Whether you or your loved one needs detox or residential treatment, or to commute to outpatient during the day or after work, we’re here to help you take the first step, and every step along the way to recovery.

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