Where to Start

Woman holding hands of walking toddler.

Taking the first step toward getting addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one can seem intimidating, but at Phoenix Life Centers, we want to make the process as easy as possible.

Woman holding hands of walking toddler.

Help For Me

Deciding to get addiction treatment is a brave first step to make, but it is a life-changing one. We want to empower you to experience life to the fullest, free from the negative impacts of addiction. We offer a variety of rehab services that can fit your personal life situation. Whether you’re a working professional who needs weekly outpatient visits or you are someone in need of dedicated time to recover in detox or require a longer residential stay, Phoenix Life Centers will work with you to make sure that your personalized treatment plan meets each of your unique needs.

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Tips For Talking To A Loved One About Addiction

  • Talk When They’re Sober. Choose a time when just the two of you can talk. Share your concerns objectively, but also give them time to voice their feelings.
  • Give Examples. Providing them with specific scenarios of times when you saw firsthand the negative consequences of their drug use can paint a clear picture of why you’re concerned.
  • Show Support. Remind them that you care about their health, happiness and wellbeing.
  • Be Consistent. Keep your messaging, level of support, and friendship clear and consistent throughout their recovery journey.
  • Encourage Treatment. Try sharing the benefits of treatment with your loved one rather than lecturing them on the negative effects of their addiction. Offer to help them research community resources and keep them pointing in the right direction.
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